SGC Excavator Mulchers

  • A Full Range of Excavator Mulchers
  • For Excavators 20 to 28 tonnes
  • For Excavators 25 to 40 tonnes
  • For Excavators 3.5 to 8 tonnes
  • For Excavators 12 to 25 tonnes
  • For Excavators 5 to 12 tonnes
  • For Excavators 15 to 25 tonnes


about the company

The St George Company Ltd had been selling forestry mulchers since 1986'.

In spring of 1989', while visiting Gordon Kilfilin, the Case Excavator dealer in Fredericton New Brunswick, Gordon enquired if a mulcher could be installed on the end of a hydraulic excavator's stick, in place of the bucket.

Research into this was started, and by October 1989' The St George Company had the first production excavator mulcher ready for market.


What started as a single model to fit a twenty tonne excavator, has been developed now into a full range of mulchers to fit excavators from 1.5 tonnes all the way up to 40 tonnes.

In 1990' Ontario Hydro approached us and asked if we could build a mulcher around one of their existing tracked vehicles. And in late November we produced the first auxiliary diesel powered mulcher for the Canadian market.


We strive to continue to bring the most advanced technological developments in mulching to market, most notably the features in Seven  Mulchers that enable them to produce "Category I  /  Classe I mulch" (TM), to meet the most demanding mulching specifications. Category I  /  Classe I  mulch breaks down and returns to nature faster making for a more sound environmental process.

Please contact us if we can be of service to bring you superior mulching solutions.

We are one of the foremost Mulcher and excavator attachment suppliers in Canada.

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